Further website refinements include mobile app

Within our resources page there are now a number of additional reports ranging from “starting a new business” to “profit chaser” which enable the user to answer series of questions and be provided with a report giving them ideas as to how they might develop their startup or established business.

We will be working with clients on these independently.

Additionally our benchmarking software has seen a major improvement which gives us considerably greater input of data from clients’ accounts and enables us to give even more detailed reports regarding their performance in isolation and their performance within their particular industry. This is a service that is included within our fees for our larger clients and is available as a stand-alone service for non-clients.

Of course no tool by themselves will answer all the questions but they start the “thinking process” which is the first step on the road for the business owner to develop their business.

We of course are only too happy to assist in the process.