Philip trained as a Chartered Accountant with a firm in the city, at the time in the ‘top twenty’.  After qualification, Philip found that he was drawn to smaller practices where he can work with all aspects of the accounting elements of a business.
“ like to know all about my clients!  How they work, why they started, what’s in it for them.  And they’re welcome to know the same about me.  If we ‘get’ each other, then my clients get the best advice and are confident that all the financial areas of their business are taken care of – not just accounts or tax returns”.

Philip was a partner in a medium sized accountancy firm, and was also the Finance Director in a high tech company. When he decided to build Caplan Associates, he did so in order to have that more personal relationship with clients, enjoying the work instead of just churning out tax returns and focusing on the numbers.

Philip is involved as a Trustee in a number of charities.