Compliance Accounting, VAT, and Payroll Help

Although Caplan Associates provide all the usual accounting, VAT, and payroll services for your business, we also apply a ‘common sense’ check in when we are working on your behalf.¬† This means that when we are working through your payroll, if we see a new way to reduce your tax burden – or that of your employees – we’ll mention it to you.¬† It means that if we do a preliminary tax calculation, and we notice that one of the numbers is significantly different than last year, we’ll check in with you just in case.

“Compliance” is a word that many accountants use for the statutory and regulatory areas.¬† It means that your accounts, tax and VAT returns will be prepared and submitted to the Revenue in good time, and you will know about it and be apprised of your fee in advance.¬† It means that books and records (including company secretarial) are kept up-to-date and submitted on time.

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Year-end Accounts Preparation

We’ll process all your accounting data promptly after your business year end, and we’ll get in touch to discuss the results in detail – so you understand it, and can make good business decisions.


Many of our clients find that doing their own payroll takes valuable time and resources away from what’s critical to your business and profits.¬† Whether it’s you doing the payroll, or even an employee, it’s still time that can often be put to better use. Our complete outsourced payroll service takes care of this for you, regardless of whether your business is large or small.

We’ll also advise you on what to do when hiring a new employee, or if other payroll changes are on the horizon.


Doing your own bookkeeping may seem like a task that you (or another employee) has to do.¬† That’s not necessarily the case. Again, getting this outsourced to us can free up 5-10 hours of your time every month, if not more.

Corporation Tax

You as the business owner bear the obligation for properly calculating your corporation tax liability.¬† But since that’s probably not a process you enjoy, we can undertake it on your behalf. You will still have the primary responsibility, but we’ll make sure you understand what has been calculated and why.

Self Assessment Tax Returns

When you need to provide self assessment tax returns to the HMRC, we can do this quickly and painlessly using online accounting software.


If you’re VAT registered – or considering registering for VAT – you’ll be aware that the HM Revenue & Customs regulations are constantly changing (and often very confusing to decipher).¬† We’ll help you comply with all the current VAT regulations, and make sure that you aren’t making overpayments (keeping the cash in your business as long as you can).¬† Naturally we will ensure that your VAT payments are made on time and are calculated properly. VAT Guidance: View More Details

Company Secretarial

The last thing you need as a busy business owner is to use up valuable time and resources making sure you comply with things like the Companies Act, with company secretarial administrative issues and regulations.¬† We’ll take care of all this for you.


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