Caplan Accountants in Hertfordshire are members of…




The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales – one of the premier accountancy bodies in the UK.


ICAEW Business Advice Service (BAS) – For SME’s and start up businesses, the ICAEW Business Advice Service provides a free of charge initial consultation to talk about your business.

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KashFlow and other accounting software – With the digital revolution we have been at the forefront of utilising cloud accounting software to ensure clients have the best of breed for their accounting system.

There are many advantages for businesses using cloud accounting including greater efficiency, no need to update the software and the ability to be able to share in real time the figures with your professional adviser.

As a firm, we are highly experienced working with KashFlow, QuickBooks, Xero and Freshbooks. We also work with some other packages.

Our approach is to ensure that the client needs to be met first rather than us requiring all clients to use just one particular software because it suits us! For those businesses not yet ready for cloud accounting we work with many desk-based packages. 


2020 Innovation

2020 Innovation – Is a leading organisation providing innovative solutions for progressive accountants and tax professionals.


SPA – SPA is an independent association of over 1400 professionally qualified accountants.  Being part of SPA means that we are committed to an ongoing programme of technical education, and we carry appropriate indemnity insurance. 


ProActiveTax – As a ProActivTax member, our internal processes include spotting the latest tax saving opportunities which suit your circumstances and bring these to your attention whenever possible. Our membership also ensures you can access a wide range of tax specialists, who can truly help you, your family and your business. 


How do you benefit from our membership of these organisations?

The standards these organisations hold us to, and the values they hold themselves, means that you have a greater assurance that we’re working in the most professional way possible, with all the most up to date accounting and tax information and data, so you have the kind of success you want – and the kind of profits you set out in business to achieve.

Here’s what it means for you:

– Increase profitability – the same amount of work, but more profits in the business

– Sustainable growth – building your turnover and profits year upon year

– Enjoying your business -Imagine looking forward to Monday mornings!

– A happy, effective team – helping ensure that recruiting and keeping great people is easy

– Improving business value – so when the time comes, you can sell and get the best possible return for all your hard work.