Manage Your Receipts With The Caplan Associates Mobile App

When was the last time you lost a paper receipt? Or forgot to print one out? Or had a malfunction and never even got one?

Probably in the past week would be correct?

photoWell, no need to fear any longer. It’s 2014 after all – paper receipts stuffed into wallets and handbags are a thing of the past.  Let’s get into the current time period and just save it all in the cloud.

The Caplan Associates mobile app allows you to do just that. The “Receipt Manager” is a clever little way to capture receipts on your phone, forget about them, and yet never lose them again.  No more stuffing little bits of paper into a corner of your handbag, or in a pocket, and then frantically (and fruitlessly) searching for them later.

It’s extremely simple. Just open the Caplan Associates app, go to the Receipt Manager, and click “photograph a receipt”.  It even gives you handy little categories so you can keep certain types of receipts together (travel expenses, office expenses, advertising and marketing, etc).  You snap the receipt, save it, and breathe a huge sigh of relief.  You can even lose the paper if you want – it doesn’t matter anymore!

Here are a few reasons this could be the coolest app you’ve ever used:

No more bits of paper.

We’ve already mentioned this, but it’s a huge one.  Train tickets are small. Those little printouts from the petrol station are on thin paper that disintegrates in the rain.  And you’re always in a hurry, so the bits of paper get stuffed anyhow into wherever, and that leads to the frantic search a month, or six months, or two years later….

No more hours wasted looking for that receipt you know you have.

We are constantly talking to clients, business owners who “know they have it somewhere”, or else simply stuff everything into a box or a bag or a file folder. When it comes to the end of the year, or searching out a particular receipt for your taxes, it’s a headache you just don’t need.

Record keeping is required by the Revenue.

Of course, this is a big one. It’s the reason we all are a bit paranoid about paperwork, and those bits of paper we normally wouldn’t be bothered with.

You can read more on the HMRC website, but you should probably keep records on:

  • All your sales (invoices, payments received)
  • All your purchases and expenses (those little receipt bits!)
  • Cash books and any other account books you keep
  • Electronic sales records or till rolls
  • Mileage records (great news, you can use our app for this too)
  • Bank statements and paying-in slips
  • P60s (if you are also employed)
  • Payroll records (if you have employees)
  • Rent records
  • Hire purchase records
  • Inventory of stock on hand
  • Money taken out of the business for personal use
  • Annual accounts, including your profit and loss statement and balance sheet
  • Order records and delivery notes
  • Petty cash book
  • Pension payments
  • Leave and sickness absences, overtime, commission and bonuses
  • The value of benefits and expenses payments
  • Payments you’ve made to HMRC – or recoveries you’ve claimed
  • “Relevant business correspondence” – kind of a catch-all term that the HMRC likes to use!

Naturally if you’re not sure about a particular document, save it. Snap it, upload it, file it away – job done.

And the little app on your phone means you don’t have to panic ever again!