IRIS & KashFlow

It was announced today that IRIS Software, a major accounting and tax software company for the accounting profession (and our provider) have acquired Kashflow a cloud based accounting software provider ( our major cloud provider).

This is great news for Caplan Associates and our clients as this new relationship will no doubt enable the development of KashFlow to proceed at a faster pace with benefits for all users.

The acquisition highlights I believe the beginning of a rationalisation of the cloud accounting market.

My concern over the last few years has been with the burgeoning number of cloud providers which ones would survive. We changed provider of the accounting software used by/with clients some years ago and that proved quite traumatic for certain users!

The trauma of switching software can be so dramatic that I know of accountants who stick with their existing software which is cumbersome or doesn’t do want they want etc because of the upheaval involved.

And IT was going to make our lives easier!