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“A story of why our clients love Caplan Associates”

Client Stories

Chartered Accountants in Hertfordshire and London

Caplan Associates, serving Hertfordshire, London, and the entire UK

Whatever your business – from a brand-new start-up to a multi-million pound enterprise, and everywhere in between – as leading chartered accountants in Hertfordshire and London, you’ll find our range of services is geared to help you achieve MORE.
And if you ever have a problem with finance or want advice on any aspect of your business… just call us. We love problem-solving and acting as a sounding-board for your ideas. We’ll always listen – and never preach. We’ll give you straightforward advice in language that makes sense. If that makes a refreshing change… that’s just the way we are.

Working with Philip Caplan

Meet Philip

Philip Caplan

Philip trained as a Chartered Accountant with a top twenty city firm. Having qualified, he found himself drawn to smaller practices where he was able to deal with all aspects of the clients’ affairs.

Philip Caplan Founder, Caplan Associates

Although Caplan Associates provide all the usual accounting, VAT, and payroll services for your business, we also apply a ‘common sense’ check in when we are working on your behalf.  This means that when we are working through your payroll, if we see a new way to reduce your tax burden – or that of your employees – we’ll mention it to you.  It means that if we do a preliminary tax calculation, and we notice that one of the numbers is significantly different than last year, we’ll check in with you just in case.

Compliance at Caplan Associates – Top Chartered Accountants in Hertfordshire and London

Compliance means that your accounts, tax and VAT returns will be prepared and submitted to the Revenue in good time, and you will know about it and be apprised of your fee in advance.  It means that books and records (including company secretarial) are kept up-to-date and submitted on time.



Case Studies

  • Philip is a great accountant who I would highly recommend. He is a real expert in the subject which as ‘creative types’ we really need! Philip is generous with his knowledge on both business and personal finance matters. He was recommended to us in 2007 by a client and he has been a real asset to the team at ‘ome design.

    Jilly S
  • Philip has been accountant for my company for the past 4 years and I would recommend him highly. He has a very personal approach to my business and is always available on the phone. I’ve also been delighted with his creative approach to solving any problems we come up against. A real partner for a small business.

    Dan W.
  • Philip Caplan is the ideal accountant for a small business. His expertise is second to none. I would especially recommend struggling artists such as writers, composers, musicians because in this area he can be particularly helpful with taxation.

    Philip A.
  • I started my company in 2006 and employed a firm of accountants who shall remain nameless. When the annual accounts became due I realised that this firm had made many mistakes with my accounts. After much research I found Philip Caplan and have been with him ever since. He sorted out all my issues and since then has answered all questions I have had (and I had a lot!). Philip is warm, personable and professional. Calls / e-mails are returned swiftly and there are no questions that go unanswered. Philip is able to explain tax matters very clearly. I have recommended Philip many times and am happy to do so again.

    Carol B

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