Why you need a trusted business adviser – how a virtual FD adds value

Why you need a trusted business adviser – how a virtual FD adds value

Having an experienced finance director (FD) on your team helps to drive your business forward at real pace. An FD focuses on improving your financial management and provides the finance strategy you need to succeed.

In an age of cloud accounting, every business can afford to have a ‘virtual FD’ on their board. A virtual FD is a part-time, outsourced alternative to that permanent FD, but with the same ability to bring great value to the business, both financially and holistically.

So, how does a virtual FD start to add this kind of value to your company?

Helping you get a financial overview

When you’re running a business it’s easy to lose your perspective on the financial side of the enterprise. You can get caught up in the everyday details and forget to step back to get an objective overview of the business as a whole.

By working with a Caplan Virtual FD, you have someone who can quickly see the wood for the trees. We’ll help you regain the overview of the business, keep you on top of your key numbers and help you spot any issues early (while they’re still resolvable).

What you get: an objective overview of the whole business and its finances.

A truth teller

It’s easy to ignore the telltale signs that all is not well in the financial management of your business. A positive outlook is one thing, but ignoring deep-seated issues in cash flow, overheads or poor sales only serves to make matters worse.

We come into your business and tell you the bare facts, without sugar-coating them. By analysing your numbers, we can give you an honest and realistic view of the business. And once those home truths have been highlighted, we’re there to help you resolve any issues, put changes in place and get the business back on track.

What you get: the bare facts, so you can make better business decisions.

A trusted sounding board

It can be lonely at the top. Every business owner needs a sounding board to bounce strategic ideas off and to give them the confidence they need that they’re making the right decisions for the future of the business.

Working alongside one of our virtual FDs means you have a counsellor for the business. Any business ideas, strategic campaigns or growth plans can be shared with us. And by bringing our commercial insight to the table, we can help you focus on the correct paths and decisions.

What you get: someone to really listen and give feedback if you’re running things on your own.

An experienced pair of hands

All businesses have core similarities. Whatever the sector, industry or market, there are certain fundamental challenges and issues that all businesses will face over time. And learning these takes years of hard-earned experience.

When you’re new to running a business, or simply entering an unfamiliar market, having an experienced virtual FD on your team is invaluable. Years of experience of dealing with a broad variety of businesses and industries, means we’re safe pair of hands that’s there to give timely and useful advice on your financial decisions.

What you get: years of commercial and business experience and insight at your disposal.

A long-term partnership

You may be creating a brand new start-up, or you may be heading up an established business with aims to grow. Either way, there’s real value in having a virtual FD on your financial board.

Partnering with us, as your trusted business adviser, from day 1 of your start-up gives you the best possible foundation for your new company. Regular meetings, either face-to-face or online, mean we’re both working together for the success of the business – on an established and long- term basis. And having our experienced FD on your team means you’re ready to sidestep the usual start-up issues and aim for the top from the very start.

If you’re an established business in dire need of financial direction, we can step into the breach and start taking that objective, third-party view of your finances. And by analysing your structures, processes and financial data, we can start guiding the business in the right direction by implementing change and righting the financial issues.

What you get: a committed partnership aimed at driving your business forward.

How we can help

Have you got real ambition to grow your business? Are you striving to boost your revenue or looking for new, profitable markets? We think having a virtual FD on your team is a vital step in your business journey. We can be your trusted business adviser – there to give guidance, turn around strategy and provide the confidence you need when making big business decisions.

At Caplan, we specialise in providing virtual FD services to businesses of all sizes and in a variety of industries. Our outsourced FD packages provide the strategic know-how, financial management and business acumen your business needs to thrive and grow – it’s a true partnership aimed at getting the very most from your business.

You can find out more about our FD services on our Outsourced FD page. Or you can contact us directly for a chat about your virtual FD needs – get in touch here.