Develop your business – simple ideas that really work for entrepreneurs

Develop your business – simple ideas that really work for entrepreneurs

Have you heard about our new book?

This book, written by me, Philip Caplan, Steve Pipe and Mark Wickersham, is packed full of real life examples that will help transform the way you run your business… with dramatic results.  Claim your free copy of “Develop your business – simple ideas that really work for entrepreneurs”.

So why was this book written?

Why is it different from the plethora of books available setting out how to develop your business?

7 key growth drivers

One of the biggest problems facing the business owner who wants to develop their business is that there is lots of advice available but often this is given without a framework. This book illustrates some basic truths about developing business, starting with the 7 key growth drivers and using those to show how a business can utilise these in order to grow.

The stories used within the book are based on true life situations and are squarely focused at the small to medium sized business. The stories use examples that will resonate with the reader.  Of course, I know that there are some business owners who will be able to take the ideas and fly with them. But I’m also acutely aware that for many people trying to run or develop their business, the idea sounds great but they just don’t have the time or discipline to overcome any of the other major stumbling blocks to able to start this process off.

Free introductory session

That’s why we demonstrate some of the improvements the business owners can obtain by relating it to the systems we use as part of our being a member firm of the AVN association.

We see ourselves as coaches to the business owner, no different from the elite sportsman, we all need help to build our capabilities.

If you think that I and my team here at Caplan Associates can help you, contact us for a free introductory session.