Changing our website – again!

Changing our website – again!

You may have noticed our Caplan Associates website has a slightly new look and feel. We haven’t changed it massively, but we wanted a bit of an update, and a refresh of our previous site.

While we as your accountants don’t pretend to be experts in the area of online marketing, it’s important to us as a business and we know it’s important to you as well.

Accountants can’t simply put their heads down and focus on the numbers anymore. You want an accountant who cares about their own business the same way you care about yours. So something as simple as our newly refreshed website should show you a few things:

  • Times are changing ….and we as your accountants are, too. We are not afraid to try new things, and we are always open to helping you grow your business in the most profitable way.
  • Accounting systems are moving more and more into the cloud, so we want to integrate our website with those systems. We use the online Kashflow solution, and it makes your own accounting so much easier (and enables you to have a clearer grasp of the true financial position of your business).
  • Social media is naturally a way in which our clients wish to communicate, so we want to ensure that this is made available via our website.
  • Just as with a product website, reviews from our customers are critical, so we have linked CustomerSure to share reviews and ratings from our customers. Not so many accountants are willing to do that!
  • On an ongoing level, we intend to share our expertise with you using our blog.

Thanks for connecting with us!