Change your accountant to Caplan Associates

If your current firm of accountants is not a fit, or you’ve outgrown them, it might be time to change your accountant.

Perhaps one of the following are true?

  • The firm you’re working with is so big that you don’t feel like they know you personally.
  • You hired a local accountant which suited fine when you were a small business, but now you’ve outgrown them
  • You have complex issues to discuss that aren’t what they were back in the beginning, and you need specialist help

Don’t hold your business back

Although making the mental decision to change your accountant is a big one, the actual process couldn’t be simpler.  Don’t hold your business back!

Caplan Change Accountants

It’s easy to change your accountants to Caplan Associates

Regardless of the reason you wish to change, just get in touch and we’ll do everything else:

  • We will contact your current accountant (no embarrassing goodbyes!) and explain that you are moving your accountancy work to Caplan Associates
  • We will receive any of your books or records that are held with them
  • We will get copies of your accounts and tax computations from them
  • We will advise HMRC and any other government offices that we will be looking after you
  • We will make everything as easy as possible for you, with as little fuss!

Easy…it’s done!

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