Guiding you safely through the business jungle – Caplan’s personalised business advice

Guiding you safely through the business jungle – Caplan’s personalised business advice

At some point in your business life, you’ll need to work with an accountant. But with such a huge number of different accountancy firms out there, offering an increasingly similar range of core services, how do you know when you’re found the accountant that’s right for you? What’s the real unique selling point to look for?

For us, we think the most important consideration is the level of personal service you get from your adviser. When you choose to work with an accountant, you don’t want to end up being just a number on their client list – you want someone who listens to your business challenges, gets to know you as a person and gives you the support, advice and tailored solutions you need to become a more profitable enterprise.

And that’s what we always aim to deliver here at Caplan – a one-to-one relationship where the best interests of your company are always centre stage.

A genuine one-to-one relationship

What we offer isn’t your normal, standard accountancy service. We believe in creating a real partnership with you and your business – and going the extra mile to be there when you need us. It’s about a true one-to-one, personalised service.

With bigger, multi-office accountancy firms, your initial contact may be with a very helpful senior engagement partner. But the day-to-day elements of your business advice are likely to be delegated to a variety of smaller teams and departments – which can leave you feeling like you’ve been pushed from pillar to post, and not getting the consistent, one-person relationship you’d hope for.

At Caplan, we don’t have a huge number of departments. When you sign up with us, it’s me – Philip Caplan – who you will be working with. I’m your point of contact, your trusted adviser and the person you’ll have those one-on-one conversations with.

What does that mean for you as a business owner?

The outcome is that you get a consistent experience, sound advice on the specifics of your business and me to hold your hand as you negotiate your way through the business jungle. And because it’s a direct and genuine relationship, my knowledge of your company is deeper and the level of trust between us is higher.

The benefits of a personal approach

The personal approach is what we deliver. And it’s an outlook on client service and business advice that pays dividends for our clients.

Recently, a long-standing client called me on the phone with a problem – and quite a thorny one at that. They’d paid a substantial sum of money (several thousand pounds) to a supplier. But, in error, they’d paid this amount into an out-of-date bank account that the supplier no longer used. And, to add to the problem, this account was now being used by a different business that had recently gone into liquidation.

Disaster, you might think!

My client was, naturally, distressed and concerned. With the money disappearing into the account of a liquidated company, it seemed like they’d just lost thousands of pounds through one unfortunate admin error.

But my client knew that they had me at their side to help resolve this issue. My years of experience in the business world mean we have access to an ever-growing network of specialists and advisers. So, with a few phone calls, I could put my client in touch with an insolvency specialist. And, with a certain amount of work, the money was retrieved and my client got back their hard-earned money.

It’s not a standard part of an accountant’s service to deal with these kinds of errors. But my drive as an adviser is always to do what’s right for my client and give them the help needed to turn a problem into a success story.

Getting genuine peace of mind

Working with Caplan does come at a price – you pay for the value and piece of mind that we bring to the table. But we’re not clock-watchers who charge you by the hour for our services.

You’ll see the word ‘proactive’ bandied around as a buzzword – but it’s my opinion that every accountant should be proactive. If you’re not actively seeking to help your business clients, then why are they paying you?

What we do here is take an interest in you, both as a business and as a person. It’s a holistic approach to business advice where you are very much at the centre.

When you come to me with a pressing issue, I’ll review and analyse the problem and do the utmost to find a solution – there’s no pressure to take on other services that aren’t needed. The long-term interests of your business are always at the heart of my advice: and it’s my belief that this is the way it should be.

Someone to listen to your business problems

It can be tough running a business. And having someone to talk to, someone who takes the time to listen, can be a tremendous help.

Having previously been involved in counselling, I know the importance of listening and letting someone unload their issues. And that’s taught me a lot about how vital it is to open your ears and let someone talk.

If an adviser tells you the solution to your problem without talking to you first, you know you’re not getting a tailored, personal approach to your particular problem.

When I work with a client, the starting point is very much based around us sitting down to have a conversation, where I can hear your challenges, know what your aims are and help you pull together a plan that can deliver on your objectives.

Why Caplan could be the perfect firm for your business

My clients are people who I enjoy working with. And they feel the same about me – we have a working relationship that works for both of us and that’s based on them having complete faith in my advice and guidance.
We’re great with the numbers, but also much more touchy feely and friendly than your average accountant. And it’s that bond and focus on building a long-term relationship that means you always get the personal service you’re looking for.

Value is another term that’s become ubiquitous in professional services marketing, but with Caplan, we really do bring value to your business – and it’s a different kind of value for each and every person we work with.

Whether it’s advising on a more efficient way to run your bookkeeping, so you have more time to spend with clients, or getting you the detailed tax advice you need when making a new investment, we tailor that value until it’s bespoke and fitted perfectly to the needs of you and your company.

There’s no one route through the business jungle. But with Caplan, you know you’ll always have me by your side, guiding you through the darkness and shining a light on the best direction for your business.

Get in touch to arrange a chat and let’s see how we can help get more from your business and personal finances.