Caplan Associates and KashFlow

We’re big fans of cloud accounting at Caplan Associates, and we especially love KashFlow. KashFlow provides solutions for managing the financial side of your business. When our clients are using KashFlow, we can view their data in real time, or if we are chatting with a client on the phone, both parties can be viewing the information at the same time. It just makes sense.

Recently we were honoured to have been featured on the KashFlow blog. While KashFlow is really a product aimed at business owners, it helps that we as an accountancy firm are extremely comfortable with how the product works. That gives us an edge when working with any clients who use it!

If you’re already using KashFlow, you know what makes it fantastic. But if you’re still dragging your feet about online accounting for your business, let’s just set the record straight right now. Spreadsheets and documents aren’t going to cut it, and while there are many options for online accounting, we think KashFlow is your best option!

Here’s why you should start using KashFlow:


Imagine all those spreadsheets and documents and your invoicing system and customer information all merged into one system, with additional features. If you haven’t experienced online accounting, it can be a little mind-blowing. But the reality is that you can manage your payroll, banking, accounting, purchasing, and more – all in one system.

The icing on the cake is that you have access to gorgeous reports. Just the ability to run a report at the touch of a finger, instead of the merge/sort/filter process with spreadsheets, is enough to make your business better.  They’re not just pretty reports, either: they give you instant visual updates on how well your business is running, and what you can do to keep growing.


One of the things that makes KashFlow special is that it’s owned by IRIS. We’ve seen software come and go, but IRIS is a trusted name in the accounting world. We started using KashFlow before IRIS acquired it, so we were very happy when that bond was formed. It was just one more reason to be confident in the product!

But in addition to that, KashFlow has received multiple awards over the last 5 years or so, for everything from “best web-based accounting software” to “high growth team” to “exciting business”. Users agree, it’s a great system.


If you add up what we’ve said already, it should be an obvious choice. But if it’s not clear yet, let’s just discuss the benefits that you can receive by using KashFlow.

First, we promise it will help your relationship with your accountant. Here at Caplan, we have higher efficiency and success with our clients who use KashFlow. We can work with clients who are geographically at a distance, without issues of travel or miscommunication. Your data is available 24/7 to us, too, so if you have an issue, it’s easy to point it out and ask questions.

In addition, this software has allowed us to understand our clients better, which is really important to us. We like to get to know you really well, so that we are able to give you unique advice that best fits you and your business – not some stuffy stock advice that we’ve decided is appropriate for everyone everywhere. One size does not fit all, and we try to apply that principle by exploring every area of business with you, and providing specific guidance. KashFlow helps us do this, because we can actually see all the areas of business when we look at your data!

Second, using online accounting makes your entire business more accessible and more manageable. No more having to drive in to the office on a Saturday afternoon because a client called in a panic about something. Just hop online, sort it in a few minutes, and you’re done! You and your staff can manage accounts in the same system – which gives great ease to account management AND to employee management. Monitor sales, review reports, make sure things are getting paid on time, just by logging in. Using a system like this will cut out massive amounts of time that you are currently spending just trying to keep track of everything. Imagine being able to do what you really love, because you no longer have to deal with the manual filing, sorting, ordering, invoicing, paying… or chasing your team members that manage those things.  It’s done for you!

If you’re a business owner, and you’re not yet using online accounting, it’s definitely something you should consider. Take a look at KashFlow and see if it’s right for you! We think it’s your best option. And, just because we think it’s worthwhile, visit their blogand read about our favourite KashFlow things.