accounting feesFixed price accounting fees from Caplan Associates

One of the things you hate the most is not knowing what your bill will be from your accountant.

Believe it or not, we hate that too.

It makes sense for both of us if we agree, up front, what the fees will be for the year.  That way, we know what accounting work we’re doing on your behalf, and you know exactly how much it’s going to cost – no nasty surprises later!

Transparent fees

So when it comes to your accounting fees, we are completely transparent. We have a Fixed Fee Policy and a ‘No Surprise’ Guarantee that mean when we give you a quote, it won’t change. (The only reason it would change is if you decided later that you’d like additional, different services.)

Simple payment

We’re also able to accept payment via direct debit, standing order, or credit card, so you can manage your cash flow better.  No more waiting in dread for a bill for your accounting fees, right at the same time you have to pay your tax bill to the HMRC!

No extra costs for quick questions

You won’t be charged extra if you need to ring us up at any time to discuss a pressing issue or problem – whether it relates to your accounts or to some other aspects of your financial situation.  The clock may tick away in the background, but it won’t change what we charge you when you just want a quick answer to your problem.  You have unlimited access to the entire team at Caplan Associates, any time, without additional fees.

Guaranteed access to the partner in charge of your accounting work

We promise that you will get access to the partner in charge of your accounts and tax work – within 24 hours, but most of the time much faster than that. We love talking to you, and we’re not here to sell as much time as possible. We’re here to actually help you get an answer to your question.