We're not your average accountancy firm

What you get with Caplan Associates is a true business partnership, with an adviser who genuinely cares about you and your business.


We believe in offering a truly personal service to all our clients. And you can rest assured that we always have the long-term interests of your business at heart too.

A Personal Service


What we offer your business isn’t a standard accountancy service. When you work with us, it’s a truly personal and productive relationship. 


We believe in creating a real partnership with you and your business – and going the extra mile to be there when you need us.


It’s about a true one-to-one, personalised service. And taking the time to get to know you and to find out what makes you tick as a business owner.



Our Core Values

There are seven core values that drive our firm. And they help us deliver a
uniquely tailored and individual service for your business.

Honesty, trust and integrity

We always deliver what
we’ve promised and we
never avoid a difficult
conversation. If something’s
wrong, we’re here to listen.

True Partnership

We offer a long-term
relationship that works in
true partnership, and we like
clients who share the same
values that we hold dear.

Professional responsibility

We encourage our team to
take responsibility for their
decisions. And we respect
the decisions you make as a
business owner.

Improved Efficiency

Our goal is to go beyond
what you expect of us. We
deliver consistent and
reliable accounting services
that go one step further.

Your Trusted Adviser

You expect the best advice in
a professional manner. And
we pride ourselves on our
reliability and accuracy; and
our clients do the same.

Trustee Reporting

Your business inspires us to
improve our own company.
And we hope our support,
advice & insight bring greater
inspiration to you too.

Tax Exemption

We take the time to
understand you, your
business and your
background. We know your
goals and aims are unique.

Get to know Philip


Philip is much more than just an accountant. He’s a business partner, a trusted adviser and a genuine member of your team.

“I like to know all about my clients! How they work, why they started, what’s in it for them. And they’re welcome to know the same about me.  

If we ‘get’ each other, then my clients get the best advice and are confident that all the financial areas of their business are taken care of – not just accounts or tax returns.”

Find out more about Philip


Philip trained as a chartered accountant with a firm in the city, at the time in the ‘top twenty’. After qualification, Philip found that he was drawn to smaller practices where he can work with all aspects of the accounting elements of a business.

Philip was a partner in a medium sized accountancy firm, and was also the finance director in a high-tech company. When he decided to build Caplan Associates, he did so in order to have a more personal relationship with clients, and to enjoy working with aspirational, inspiring business owners.

Philip is involved as a trustee in a number of charities and enjoys making a difference for deserving causes.

Not your average accountancy firm


Our business clients have incredible success stories: and the driving force behind them is the support they get from their accountant.